2G or 3G, 4G LTE Cellular Communicator GTCOM2

Receive immediate alerts regarding unauthorized breaches at your properties, while simultaneously sending alerts to the proper authorities.
Monitoring services can also alert you to power outages, leaks, and temperature changes.


Cellular alarm communicators allow security systems to communicate across cellular networks.

GTCOM2: Receive events from primary alarm panel Covert Contact ID codes to SMS text

GTCOM2 and primary alarm panel synchronization methods

HOW TO TEST GTCOM2 and primary alarm panel synchronization

SMART Solution for the Central Monitoring Stations

GSM komunikatorius

2G or 3G, 4G LTE Smart AUTOMATION, Alarm, Security, Access Control System

GTM1 Wall mounting

Works With FREE Mobile, Web App

Bring your home security to the next level. Control your security panel remotely!

How to control primary security system with GTM1 ?