4G/LTE universalus mobiliojo ryšio komunikatorius PSTN centralei Atnaujinkite savo apsaugos centralę nauju GTCOM2 komunikatoriumi ir niekada…
Universalus GSM komunikatorius PSTN centralei Atnaujinkite savo apsaugos centralę nauju GTCOM2 komunikatoriumi ir niekada nepraleiskite pavojaus…
Upgrade your security panel with a new GTCOM communicator and never miss an alarm. Universal GSM…

Bring your home security to the next level. Control your security panel remotely!


  • Receiving of Contact ID codes from the security control panel and their converting into SMS readable format.
  • Individual protection of houses, garages, cottages and other premises.
  • Remote control of the devices via GSM network
  • Access control. Gate/door control.
  • Automation of premises, temperature and voltage control.
  • Heating system or Climate control equipment, programmable temperature alarm hysteresis.
  • Temperature alarms to the cell phone.

Be Informed !!! Receive All Control panels messages into your Mobile Phone

This is an add-on board that connects to your existing alarm control panel to convert Contact ID to SMS.

Receive events from primary alarm panel Covert Contact ID codes to SMS text

Upgrade your security system with cellular communicator

GTCOM2 is designed for people who wish to have monitoring of their security control panels without paying for external back-to-base monitoring.

The list of Central panels which are tested with GTCOM GSM communicator Contact ID to SMS converter:
DSC PC1616;DSC 1565;DSC 5010;
Paradox SPC-1738EX; Paradox Digiplex Evo192;Esprit; Spectra; Imperial ….
Pyronix Matrix 6;
Teletek CA62SE;
Satel CA-10;

Practically the module can work with any central panel which has PSTN communicator and meets Ademco Contact ID data format according to SIA SIA DC-05 standard. Also Central panel must support phone number dialing using DTMF tones. (Pulse dialing is not supported by GTCOM)

Important: the security control panel must support tone (DTMF) dialing. Also data transfer CONTACT ID protocol must be in DTMF tones. Pulse format is not supported.

GTCOM2 and primary alarm panel synchronization methods

HOW TO TEST GTCOM2 and primary alarm panel synchronization