Cellular Monitoring, Control, Automation, Alarm system GTM1

Home automation with professionally monitored security for exceptional convenience and peace-of-mind.

It’s the right time for the smart revolution in your home!
Discover the system that perfectly cooperates with you, and build a world of your own.

Cellular home control, monitoring from anywhere, at anytime

Alarms to the Central Monitoring Station. Any standard SIA IP DC 09 receiver!

The most important part of any alarm system is the line of communication between the home or business and the alarm monitoring company. All the motion detectors, smoke alarms, and door sensors won’t do much if they can’t alert the monitoring system that something bad is happening.

Smart solution for your home

All in one security, automation, access control systems

Integrate all devices and systems of your home into one Smart Home system

To control your home with your smartphone

GTM1 connects and simplifies all aspects of the smart home, from security and smart locks to smart lighting, motorized shades, climate control and more.

Warm and cost efficient?  Smart house allows you to pick the optimal temperature for every room in the house, and receive alarm events such as windows being left opened.

You can adjust the ambient temperature in your home to whatever you want through your smartphone. It is easy and simple.

Managing installations with remote diagnostics and troubleshooting.