Make your underfloor heating smart

The Temperature control automation, alert and monitoring solution allows the user to keep a temperature in the pre- set range and receive an alert (via SMS, phone call) if the current data exceeds the pre-set range.

Save energy and maximize comfort

  • COOL: Cool your home with the touch of a button.
  • HEAT: Ensure a warm home is waiting for you when you arrive home.
  • ENERGY SAVING: Increase your energy saving by using smart home apps provided with your smart home system.
  • Save energy, cutting utility costs over time
  • Automate regular home processes.
  • Full control of lighting, heating and power.
  • Switch every electrical device on or off remotely
  • Manage home functions from any part of the world

Your heating/ cooling now on your phone

Control your heating from anywhere via FREE app. Get instant access to your home’s temperature and heating activity

 An event log is also supported.

The device is controlled via the use of SMS command messages, these are standard text messages sent from a mobile phone which are formatted in a specific way to configure the device.

Also it is possible to control devices via mobile, web app, free short call

GTM1 monitors the temperature, humidity and power status in your home, business, vacation property or other sensitive property.

When the GTM1 detects temperatures that are too high or too low, if humidity is out of range or if the power goes out, the GTM1 sends an alert message to your  phone. It even sends you alert messages when the power is restored. With the external temperature probe the GTM1 can also be used with freezers or refrigerators.

FREE remote testing, monitoring, diagnostic, configuration toll SERA2

Monitoring, control, automation

Autput activation, when programmed level is reached

How to set analog current sensor