Multi Zone Floor Heating Automation, Alarm System. Smart Thermostat GTalarm2

TOPKODAS, JSC  offers centralized control of your environmental equipment  from anywhere at any time. Automated actions can be programed to trigger based on schedules or conditions.


The smart thermostat can make a big difference to your home, giving you more control, allowing you to automate heating and cooling, and saving money in the long-run. For those reasons and many more, smart thermostats have quickly become one of the most important pieces of tech in your smart home.

Thermostats can be installed to regulate different temperatures by zone. Each zone thermostat operates separately. The temperature is selected directly from the mobile, web application. No more waste, you heat the rooms only when it is necessary!

AM2305 humidity capacitance is a digital temperature and humidity module contains a digital…
Discontinued. Replacement GTalarm3
GTalarm2 is hybrid powerful flexible GSM smart home alarm system and automation for private boats,…