GTCOM2-4G LTE Cellular Communicator

4G/LTE Universal Cellular Communicator for PSTN control panels

Upgrade your security panel with a new GTCOM2 communicator and never miss an alarm also control (ARM/DISARM) your panel remotely.

The GSM communicator converts the Contact ID codes of the alarm panel’s PSTN communicator into:

  • Readable SMS text and CALL
  • Mobile App Push Notifications
  • SIA-09 CMS Central monitoring station receiver

Also you will get extra features in the same module:

  • ARM/DISARM security panel remotely using APP ,  Short Call , SMS
  • Access Control: Gates, Doors, etc …
  • Control Thermostat. Can be connected up to 32 temperature sensors.

A cost-effective solution that provides GSM/GPRS connectivity for any non-GSM PSTN security alarm panel  DSC, Paradox, UTC Interlogix (CADDX), Innerrange, Texecom, Honeywell, Crow and Pyronix.
GTCOM2 GSM Communicator is special for converting the PSTN Ademco Contact ID codes to readable SMS notifications and SIA-09 IP over GPRS network to central monitoring station (CMS).

Available in 2G/3G/4G/LTE mobile network versions.