GTM1 multi-purpose GSM controller

TOPKODAS GTM1 is an all-in-one GSM communication controller that provides a variety of home and industrial automation solutions.

It is a highly adaptable controller can be utilized as:

  • Security system for homes, boats, cars, and other properties.
  • Fire alarm system that support both 2-wire and 4-wire sensors.
  • Access control system for gates, doors, and boom barriers.
  • Thermostat, heating, and ventilation system that can connect up to 32 temperature sensors.

In addition, the TOPKODAS GTM1 allows for remote control and automation, acting as a communicator and information system. It can communicate in multiple ways:

  • SMS messages and alarms to up to 8 users, with customizable text for zone names and user names.
  • Alarm duplication by auto-dial call to users.
  • Push notifications to a mobile app.
  • Complete event reporting to the security company’s central monitoring station (CMS) receiver using the SIA-09 standard protocol.

The TOPKODAS GTM1 is an excellent solution for real-time monitoring and remote control of industrial SCADA. With its high reliability and extensive range of remote control options, it can meet the needs of any user.