1WIO8 – 8-channel Input/Output Expansion module

The 1WIO8 expansion module allows for the expansion of compatible TOPKODAS devices through the use of Maxim’s 1-Wire Bus technology, providing 8 – channel input/outputs. The module is housed in durable plastic and includes a 1-Wire bus status LED for easy monitoring.


  • High-powered outputs: 24V/1A open drain with protection
  • Inputs: NO or NC up to 30V
  • Easy selection: Input or output mode can be easily selected using the DIP switch
  • Reliable protection: Overvoltage and overcurrent protection ensures the safety of your device
  • Advanced communication: Uses Standard Maxim’s 1-Wire® technology for efficient and reliable communication
  • Clear indication: Output status is indicated by an LED light
  • Flexible installation: Enclosure can be wall mounted or DIN rail mounted using DIN adapter
  • Compatible with GTalarm3: Fully compatible with GTalarm3 for expanded functionality and monitoring capabilities.