GTCOM2-2G GSM Universal Wireless Alarm Communicator

Universal GSM Communicator for PSTN control panels

Upgrade your security panel with a new GTCOM2 communicator and never miss an alarm also control (ARM/DISARM) your panel remotely.

The GSM communicator converts the Contact ID codes of the alarm panel’s PSTN communicator into:

  • Readable SMS text and CALL
  • Mobile App Push Notifications
  • SIA-09 CMS Central monitoring station receiver

Also you will get extra features in the same module:

  • ARM/DISARM security panel remotely using APP ,  Short Call , SMS
  • Access Control: Gates, Doors, etc …
  • Control Thermostat. Can be connected up to 32 temperature sensors.

A cost-effective solution that provides GSM/GPRS connectivity for any non-GSM PSTN security alarm panel.
GTCOM2 GSM Communicator is special for converting the PSTN Ademco Contact ID codes to readable SMS notifications and SIA-09 IP over GPRS network to central monitoring station (CMS).

Available in 2G/3G/4G/LTE mobile network versions.